Bedtime Ecclesiology

A very weary Ellie was lying in bed while I stroked her back and chatted with her.

“Tomorrow all the kids from church will be at our place honey.”

“Dad – we don’t go to a church where there is a man down the front who does a preach and all that.”

“No honey, we don’t. Would you like to? Would you rather go to church like that or be part of our church.”

“Well… you see its just that you don’t know if there’s going to be toys at the big church.”

“Yeah. But when you’re at a home there’s always toys hey?”

“Uh huh. I like that. But at the big church you get snacks and drinks.”

“Oh really? You mean after the service?”

“No. You know how they send round the little tray of drinks and the plate of bread?”

“Oh yeah…”

All very cute, but also a great time to chat with Ellie about what church is and again about the significance of communion.

Snacks, drinks and toys… a great little 21st C consumer Christian in the making!

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