There are certain ‘brands’ of theology that insist that the key to a godly life is good BIBLE teaching, MORE good BIBLE teaching… and… yes you guessed it EVEN MORE BIBLE TEACHING!

I caught up with a good friend recently (who shall remain nameless), but who is a great Bible teacher and would fit theologically into those ‘brands’, however… he doesn’t display the same anal fixation with ‘good teaching’ that seems to be the defining characteristic of so many others.

As we spoke another friend asked him ‘why aren’t you as obsessed as the rest on the whole Bible teaching deal?’

His response?…

‘In my experience and observation simply offering better Bible teaching has not produced better disciples.’

Or put another way – ‘it hasn’t worked’.

Now – some would argue its obviously not better Bible teaching if it doesn’t change people… or we could also argue that there is more to the picture than ‘better Bible teaching’.

I am a firm believer in the value of scripture to guide us into godliness, but I have at times been frustrated by those who see the answer to our woes as simply ‘more Bible’, so the reponse from my friend (who’s been around the block a few times) was quite telling.

My observation is that knowledge is only useful insofar as it reshapes how we live.

Knowing the Bible inside out, upside down and back to front is on a par with the bloke who built his house on sand. Jesus declared the difference between him and the other guy was simply that the ‘wise man’, was the one who ‘hears my words and puts them into practice’.

I love learning and love knowledge, but honestly, if it doesn’t reshape life then it isn’t worth a pinch of poop. In fact it ends up doing more harm than good because it creates an illusion of godliness.

I hear many people looking for churches with ‘good teaching’, but I am yet to hear anyone seeking a church that is committed to ‘doing the Bible stuff’.

I dream…


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  2. Hi I liked your post and wondered if you might like to look at our website. I think that one of our men has already written you, his name is Shammah. We are doing our best to gain insight through the admonition …”a good understanding has all those who DO my commandments”…not just study them… thanks…

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