Big Day


It was a big day in many ways today, but the most spectacular was the surf. A huge swell hit the coast today and it took me a long time to get home from preaching this morning because I kept stopping to check out the waves.

Here are two pics of ‘Toms’. Probably 40 guys in the water, but some hefty lefts rolling thru for the willing!

toms2.jpg free hello dolly

As well as some great surf I was able to get ‘that sermon’ out of the way. It was by far the busiest week of the year for me and then I added a sermon on top of it. Dumb dumb dumb…

Then tonight Ellie led our church and did a brilliant job. From teaching to discussion leading to running activities with the kids she really stepped up (for a 7 year old) and I have to say I was amazingly proud of her gutsy effort.

6 thoughts on “Big Day

  1. The Indian Ocean and the Southern swells – couldn’t get better. Then it does, my daughter begins a new journey.

    On yah Ellie, keep asking Dad those questions.

  2. Hamo, next time she steps up like that take a video and share it with us. Or at least some snap shots. You could blur her face out so nobody can recognize her :0)

  3. Yeah I thought of taking a pic, but it probably would have disturbed her.

    I’m aware that even as I share some of her journey that it is hers – and that I need to be careful how much of her life I put on display albeit as a doting dad 🙂

    Dad – you can’t see the 40 blokes in the water – but they were there!

  4. We are glad you share…..sharing makes it a part of our collective journeys….untold stories are like trees falling in a forest when there is no body there to witness and retell :0)

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