Big Hitters

I was looking at the stats for Backyard Missionary today and checking out which posts have had the most hits. Here they are in order of priority:

1. Incarnational v Attractional Mission – a fairly polemic and feisty piece I wrote for a youth ministry seminar. Its sure to piss some people off, so if you read it, make sure you pay attention to the intro paragraph and don’t get all snooty on me!

2. Discipleship Dilemma in Youth Ministry – another fairly strong post that asks ‘what on earth is happening in youth ministry?’

3. Where Will Your Kids Go to School? – asks the question of whether we ought to look at state schools, private schools, Christian schools or homeschooling.

4. Straight Shooters – I’m not sure why this ranked high! Its just me saying ‘if you want to dish it out then make sure you can take it too’.

5. What’s The Deal? – a short rant about the excesses of some well known and travelled Christian speakers.

6. Exercise in Clarity mamma roma free download – a post describing how we have arrived at our identity as Upstream.

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