Blessed are the Pessimists

“Blessed are the pessimists for they shall never be disappointed.”

I don’t know if anyone has actually said this, so if not I will claim it as my own quote!

I see a spectrum of people in this world:

Idealists – who dream of the perfect world and believe it is possible.

Optimists – who know the world isn’t perfect, but like to make the most of it.

Realists – who just do what they can with the hand they are dealt.

Pessimists – who know that life sux and hence there is no point in trying to make it better.

Cynics corruptor the divx download – who once believed it could be good, but now know not to bother trying because its all stuffed.

I usually see myself as an optimist, but lately I’ve been realising that maybe I’ve actually been more of an idealist than I’d care to admit!

The problem with being an idealist is that you are frequently disappointed – because – well… no one, myself included ever meets up to ideals (otherwise they wouldn’t be ‘ideals’ – they’d be ‘reals’).

I’m not sure if you can choose to change your natural orientation, but I’m also not sure I’d want to. I think I’d rather be an optimist and go down fighting than be a pessimist who just sits down and give up because nothing changes anyway.

Who are you on this list?…

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