Today Danelle went to a Creative Memories workshop, from 9-9… so I have had the kids.

I don’t know how that expression makes you feel, (‘had the kids’) but I love days like this with my kids. Brekky at McD’s, a movie, wander the shops, veg at home, down to the park… so it goes on.

Right now I am chilling while they are splashing like crazy in the bath. Hey what’s a bath for if not splashing?! I can mop it up in 10 seconds and they lovvvve it.

Ellie said to me today ‘Can you play with me?’ just as I was finishing my glass of wine. I said ‘honey I have been playing all day’, and then it snuck up on me… I have been doing what I love to do with them (ah yes they love it too), but now she wanted me to enter her little world and roll around the play room doing things I have little if any interest in. Building lego towers, playing schools…

How could you say no?…

Days like these I remember how priveleged I am

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