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If I weren’t such a cheapskate and consigned to the ‘basic’ level of typepad I’d probably change the colour and design of my blog about now. I like a change every now and then and I reckon its about time.

What I have done is add a few new links in the ‘other blogs I read’ section as well as updating my ‘books’ list.

What I hope to do is list the books I have read in 2005 and include a bit of a review of each of them. So far I have just read two novels and Yancey’s ‘Reaching for the Invisible God’ but this week I began three other books which also look promising.

I enjoy De Bono’s thoughts although this book already reads like ‘The Six thinking Hats’ revamped. Coaching with Spirit looks interesting, but I don’t sense we are talking about the same spirit 🙂 even though the author uses a capital S for Spirit and Daniel Goleman’s Primal Leadership is looking like being a great read if I ca stick with it.

I’ll let you know what I think once I finish them.

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