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Like most bloggers I am interested in how many people read this thing – where they are from. their comments etc.

Lately it has fluctuated between 400 a day and 120 a day people reading and looks like it is on a downwards spiral in terms of reader numbers. Who knows why?… (maybe people have realised I write a lot of crap!) The overall average is 168/day (however that is measured) which still sounds like a lot of people to me!

Its been over two years now since I started this blog and a few times I have pondered giving it all up – and maybe I still will. It is time consuming and a little addictive. But for now I blog because I like having a place to air my thoughts publicly and receive some feedback and interaction. I blog for my own pleasure – which may sound selfish… but what the heck… I enjoy writing and sometimes I need a place to vomit my inner ramblings.

I read about 30 other blogs every day (via Bloglines) and have made some good friends thru blogging (weird I reckon…). I find reading other blogs keeps me in the loop of what is going on round the place and I also enjoy reading my friends thoughts. Sometimes I read other blogs – but only if I have time to burn.

The blogs I read most are those of West Ozzies – whether they are people I know or not. I also enjoy the blogs of other good thinkers in the area of church and mission, but I don’t read much else. There are plenty of other online sources for current affairs and other issues.

I may read your blog but I don’t comment a lot. Basically its a time factor. if I am inspired or really engaged I will comment. If not I won’t.

So if I do comment I am really interested!

I put links to the people I enjoy reading and to people I have met or who live near me. I am sometimes tempted to delete all links because it looks like a popularity contest and somebody always misses out. Sorry if you have missed out and think you should be included 🙂

Anyway that’s where its at for the Hamo blog policy…

Blah blah blah

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