Blog Links Update

Well after 3 1/2 years of blogging its probably time to update my links. Its a painful process – both tiresome and frustrating because I have known some precious people to get offended over this stuff.

I was very tempted to have no links at all, but in the end I have recategorised and added a whole bunch of new faces from all over.

The criteria for me linking to you is simply that you are a regular blogger who has been going for a while and I read your blog at least occasionally.

There is some real gold in the links over there so be sure and have a dig around.

For those who link here, but who I haven’t yet read much of, there is a category for ‘those kind enough to link here’.

If you think you belong in one of these categories but I have missed you out then feel free to email or leave a comment! If your link is defunct then let me know also.


– you will be very happy now!

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