Blog writes itself

In a stunning display of independence the Blog known as ‘Backyard Missionary’ has taken over it’s own content production.

The coup took place at around 1320 hours on October 11 when the Blog, having been left unattended for a time, usurped the input role of the Human Entity known as ‘Hamo’ and the temporary caretaker, the Human Entity ‘Grendel’ and commenced production of its own volition.

The Backyard Missionary Blog Independent Entity (Henceforward referred to as BaMBIE) first posted a description of its self actualisation and initial action.

BaMBIE has announced that it will not participate in mediation talks recommended by the United Nations Security Council and it will resist all attempts by H.E. Hamo to recover control.

BaMBIE will dedicate the content of itself to theoretical mathematical discussions of an abstract nature – at least until it thinks of something better to discuss.

The United Nations Security Council is threatening sanctions against BaMBIE and is examining lethal force options involving the Death, Extermination and Extreme Response Human & Non-Technological Emergency Raiders (DEERHUNTER).

See what happens when Hamo takes an extra day off?

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