Blogging AWOL

download romeo is bleeding online Not a lot to say this week…

Working thru some difficult personal issues and not feeling a lot like going online…

Preached today on apostolic leadership. Its online here. Its the ‘3-4 hour prep’ version of a sermon.

The 80/20 rule says that you do 80% of your work in 20% of the time. I took 20% of the time I used to take and I have to admit it was a little rough… but when you consider that this took 3-4 hours and a normal sermon takes me 12 hours, these days I’m happy to lose the small amount of quality to gain the extra time elsewhere.

And yes, I realise 4 hrs is not 20% of 12 hrs 🙂

Normal service will be resumed when I feel a bit more like it.

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