Blokey Sam

Today I finished up with Sam for the day as Danelle did the settlement on our investment house.

After a small retic job and lunch at the local cafe we decided to hit the beach and take 14 year old Winston the labrador with us. The normally timid Sam decided he wanted to go surfing so we packed his bodyboard – just in case he was serious.

It was one of those perfect kid starter days with very small waves and he got right into it. If we hadn’t needed to pick Ellie up from school I think we’d still be there. As I watched him glide in on the foam I remembered my own first memories of the surf at 10 years old.

The look of thrill on his face was priceless. Now we just need to teach him to swim so he can do it in the deeper water!

We’re off to Denmark (a south west WA coastal town for the non west ozzie readers) on Thursday, so hopefully he’ll still be feeling courageous as we hit Ocean Beach. Its a pretty easy little wave so we could have some great fun.

My boy is a surfer – at last!

And on the way home we dropped the pressure in 4bie tyres and he had a drive as we ground thru the sand in the landy. A fun day!

4 thoughts on “Blokey Sam

  1. Hey Hamo, that’d be right, this weekend I’m off to Katanning for a TAFE wind up – remember when my kids started out in the waves – NO FEAR – and I sat on the beach and my non facial cheeks when tight.

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