Blood the New Black?…

I don’t think I am a prude or a feminist, but I do think these T Shirts being sold now by Roger David are very very dumb.

Sure, on a philosophical level it raises questions of ‘what is art?’ ‘How does censorship work?’ etc, but on a practical day to day level you just have to look at it and say someone had their head up their butt when they made this decision.

Interestingly Roger David have defended their decision on their facebook page…

There is an online petition to object, or you could just walk into the store and let them know what you think…

I reckon a hundred angry customers in each store would see the T shirts disappear in a day or two. At the moment while they may be getting muddied on one level, but they are also getting some free advertising, however I don’t think they’d be too happy about people asking questions in person and expressing some rage in person in store.

I imagine if this was ‘art’ at an art exhibit it would come with a ‘warning’ at the entrance about the nature of the images, but obviously this doesn’t happen in a clothes store.

Reality check for RD!

Here are some links related to the issue:

News article

Melissa Tankard blog post

Roger David home page

Online Petition

3 thoughts on “Blood the New Black?…

  1. I hadn’t seen any of this until your post Hamo – following up on a few of your links I was disgusted at the range that seems not only to be available from Roger David but from so many other outlets also. It is degrading, cheap and pointless not serving art or civil discourse in any way. It could not even be defended as free speech since the purpose is to sell a product not make a point (other than look at me I am an idiot – of you happened to purchase one).

    Thanks for the heads-up.

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