Boats, Money and Discipleship

Thanks heaps for all the comments re the boat fiasco.

I have concluded that the best and most christlike thing to do is to drive round to the house of the guy who sold it to me, tip it on his front lawn, pour petrol over it and then set fire to it. I think he may get the message.

Then again…

Actually as Dave said, ‘I kinda answered my own question’, but I needed to check. Sometimes I can be obsessive about the whole ‘honesty’ thing – I don’t mean that in a boastful way – more that at times I can be a little anal with it.

Today (during the conference) I worked out the various financial options and now we just need to decide which way to go.

I am tempted to have a bash at fixing it. It will take quite a while, but if I fix it over winter it might just be ready to go again in summer.

Then again me and DIY have never been the closest of friends!

I shared with a mate at the SU retreat that I sense this is God saying to me ‘are you really going to follow me? Or does $2000.00 change our relationship and your devotion?’

I believe he is as capable of replenishing my funds as quickly as I deplete them – I think…

But more than that i think he has been telling me that he isn’t that concerned about the money. He is very concerned with how I respond to these kinds of situations because that is the test of discipleship – not whether I read my Bible every day.

I keep realising how greed and money ridden I am when these situations occur. One half of me is very noble and wants to do right. The other is devious and scheming.

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