Booked Out

I had 6 books arrive last week and I want to read all of them!

Its going to be a bit of a challenge to cut thru all in the next few weeks…

I am almost finished The Suburban Christian, a useful and easy to read intro to discipleship in the burbs. I didn’t find much in it that was new and rivetting but for people exploring this topic for a first time this book is a good intro.

As well as the other ‘burbs’ books, I was sent a copy of A Heretic’s Guide to Eternity, so long as I promise to do a blog review of it.

I just read the back cover and it looks like it will be interesting reading. Here’s the blurb:

The general orthodox Christian view of who gets to heaven and who is doomed to hell is based on the notion that we humans have to choose to “opt in” to God’s plan for our salvation by baptism, repentance, prayer and a righteous life. But what if its the opposite – we are all in, from the moment we are born, no matter when or where we live, and we have to choose to “opt out” in order to be excluded from God’s universal grace.

If I were asked to review a book based on that paragraph alone I would probably say the title is a fair one… I am not a universalist and the blurb seems to suggest universalistic theology, or maybe he’s just being provocative… I’ll be interested to follow the argument and see what Spencer Burke has come up with to substantiate his ideas. More about that later.

While in Melbourne Daz gave me a copy of Breaking the Missional Code, which looks like good value and then Steve Smith sent me a copy of True Patriot, a biography of Bonhoeffer, as he said the last few chapters have some valuable insights for the ’emerging church’.

I am a big Bonhoeffer fan, but this book is 300 pages long and written in that ‘mini’-font that is hard to read and harder on the eye!

I’ll write my thoughts as they develop…

(By the way if you are looking to find the cheapest books online then be sure to use fetchbook)

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