Boys and Toys

When we first moved to Brighton there was talk of a road going straight thru to the beach from where we live. We thought this would be great!

There is still talk but no road…

However there is a well worn sandy track. I’ve been down it a few times when my father in law has loaned us his four wheel drive. It leads to an open outlook that is sensational and a great place to pray, walk the dog etc.

So… I decided if they aren’t going to build a road I’ll buy a four wheel drive…

Just last week I got an old 1982 Landcruiser for bashing around in the local area and for making my own road with. She’s not pretty but she’s in good mechanical shape and is on LPG gas which is even better.

Now I don’t want them to make a road because it’ll only make the place crowded!

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