Boys Day Out

Today I took Sam for a train ride into town.

He’s starting to get to the age where we can go out and have fun together, so we will be doing more and more blokey things as we go along.

As we were sitting and knocking back some coffee and cake in Forest Place a group of people broke into song behind us. Sam started jigging and twisting while everyone in the cafe looked mildy unimpressed at having their Sat urday morning disturbed.

What followed was something I haven’t seen for a while – full scale fire and brimstone preaching – ‘if you think there’s no God you’re a fool – if you think there’s no heaven you’re a fool… yada yada yada’. About 7 or 8 young guys and girls had a go at preaching in between songs.

There are two ways to look at this:

– they are doing something in regard to evangelism. They are doing more than many are doing. That is a positive thing.

– they probably turned a whole bunch of people off by their methods and further added to the stereotype of christians as nutters.

Maybe it just takes all sorts…

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