7 thoughts on “Breath

  1. Read it.

    rubbish. All about middle-aged blokes getting wet on planks.

    Come to think of it sounds just your thing Hamo.

    And I suppose I have to confess that as it is written by Winton it rolls along OK. . .

  2. Thanks for the heads up. Will be an early Christmas present to put away for Christmas 08 and summer. I hope your trip around Oz comes to fruition and that it is a rich and refreshing experience… PAX

  3. anyone read it yet…? what did you think?

    my wife bought it for me yesterday and i finished between 6.30 and 11.30pm last night!

    winton explains surfing beautifully. i really liked the story, although i found it quite sad. his books seem to suck you in and involve you in the story – i suppose that’s good writing.

  4. Not yet… – bithday next week so hopefully then…

    But as you say it looks like a one night wonder. I like books that take a few weeks. This one already makes me feel ripped off!

  5. hey hamo,

    i don’t think you’ll feel ripped off when you get it. it’s the kind of thing you could easily read again – especially as a surfer!

    there are some pretty heavy, seedy parts – winton raw and as krass as ever! 🙂

    but i think you’ll like it. if anything, it’ll make you keen to get out for the early and get a nice pintail single fin gun!

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