I headed off to check out the UWA course on the History & Culture of Suburbia today.

I hadn’t pre-enrolled as I figured I’d slip in the back, check it out and see if it looked like being worth the effort.

Well after 90 minutes of driving in the rain and seemingly getting every red traffic light in Perth, I arrived at UWA at exactly 10.00 – lecture start time. Bugger…

I hadn’t been to UWA since I studied there nearly 24 years ago.

I thought I had the class location on the unit outline, but couldn’t find it… bugger!

By the time I found it, it was 10.20 and I finished up getting the front row seat, all hot and sweaty from traipsing around the place.

The biggest bugger is that the course looks fantastic and the lecturer showed some real passion and interest in the subject, but I’m just not sure its going to work. Apart from the 90 min drive there each week, I would have to hang around all day for the tutorial at 4pm before driving home in rush hour at 5pm – another 90 mins.

So I have bought the course reader and will probably resort to studying on my own at home.


Part of the problem of living in the outer suburbs…

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