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Back in August 2018 Sam and I took off to the popular Philippine Island of Siargao on a surfing trip. It’s renown for its world class wave – ‘Cloud 9.’

So we flew via Cebu, landed, rented a scooter and made our way up the east coast to a tiny town (that shall remain nameless) where we were to spend 5 days. On arrival the surf was perfect and while Sam battled a flu I enjoyed some of the best waves I have ever had.

Food options were pretty limited, so if you left your evening meal until after 7 then you ran the risk of not eating at all – or having to scooter to the next village in the hope of finding a small roadside eatery still open.

One night when we had left it a little too late we made our way to the local burger joint – right at the back of town, hoping we could still get a feed. Lucky for us they were still open so we entered and asked for a menu.

‘I do burger’ the owner replied when we asked about menus.

‘What kinds of burger?’ I asked.

‘Burger,’ she replied.

‘Hamburger? Cheeseburger? Chick…’ I was trying to help.

‘Burger’ she said again. Clearly I wasnt understanding her.

I looked at Sam and smiled. He looked at me and said ‘I’m thinking… ummm… Burger!’

‘Yeah me too’ I said.

‘2 Burgers?’ she asked.

‘2 Burgers’.

We chuckled as she left and wondered what we had signed up for. I had memories of an evening in an Irish pub where Sam ordered a hamburger and literally got a neat patty between two slices of a bread roll. For $30 we had hoped for more…

It took all of 5 minutes for the waitress / owner / chef to whip up 2 burgers and bring them out to us. And bizarrely enough (because we did not see this coming at all) the Burgers were amazing! They were perfectly cooked, with salad and sauces and after a couple of bites we called her over to place another order.

‘Can we have another one each?’ I asked

‘Burger?’ She confirmed – as if there were other options.

‘Burger’ I confirmed.

And so we enjoyed two sensational burgers in a tiny little joint in the backside of nowhere. We left and laughed about the limited menu options at the burger house but it did remind me of one thing.

Sometimes you just need to do one thing well in life. Pick just one thing and excel at it. She had done this and the product was world class.

I sometime like to ponder that question ‘if I could only give my life to one thing, what would it be?’ It’s a sharpening question – one that helps you distill your sense of calling and vocation.

Currently I’m a retic bloke and a pastor and before that I’ve been a coach a director of a mission org and a Phys Ed teacher.

But if I could only pick one thing to do exceptionally well for the rest of my life… It would be…

How you answer that question brings focus and clarity to what you are doing now as well as asking why you are spending time in other areas.

I might get bored with one focus- but I do know that if I lasered my life’s activities with that kind of sharpness I just may do something extraordinary.

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