Burning Man

I began watching this movie on the way home from Sydney in January, but the plane landed before I got finish it, so I’ve been waiting for it to come out on DVD. Last night I picked it up on iTunes and managed to watch the whole thing.

It’s a quirky, raunchy, funny, but very potent movie. If you want to follow the journey of a family coming to grief with terminal cancer then this might be the movie to watch. Its hardly ‘fun’ viewing, but it is insightful and powerful.

Its shot in a completely non-linear way so the timeline shoots back and forth and its up to the viewer to work it out. I did better the second time around. Matthew Goode does a great job of being the grieving husband and as you watch his life spin out of control in the early scenes of the movie you find yourself wondering ‘what could have caused this?’

If you didn’t watch the rest of the movie you’d think him a screw loose, accident waiting to happen but as you get to see his life fall apart around him, interspersed with memories of the ‘good times’ you can’t help but feel compassion.

I loved this one. Its full of very clever cinematography, a believable and tragic story and just raw emotion that doesn’t resolve nicely in the end.

Don’t watch if you’re faint hearted or disturbed by breasts… lots of them…

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