Buying a Laptop on E-bay

A simple word of advice.


I bought my still non-existent Sony Vaio for a very good price way back on September 19th, paid for it that night and asked if it may be able to be shipped a little faster because we were going on holidays on Oct 4th.

The seller agreed to ‘do their best’.

It is now obviously October 27th and still nothing has arrived. The seller seems unable to read email and rarely responds directly to specific questions – although he has responded on occasions.

I have emailed continuously, started a dispute thru ebay, threatened with legal action and today I actually tracked him down thru the NSW phone book and rang him up. It was a last resort as I wasn’t sure if it was actually his home number… but it was… and he was home…


I had many things I wanted to say most of which I would never write on here… but if you are imagining me kindly enquiring then you are on the wrong tack.

It turns out it only left America on October 13th… and it still in transit. The seller told me he ‘isn’t worried about it because sometimes these things take up to 4 weeks…’ @#$%!

I think I made my point with him and he has refunded $200.00. He seems honest, but just absolutely bloody hopeless.

Would I do it again for a cheap laptop?



matrix reloaded the dvd

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