Camping Again

This weekend coming up will be another camping adventure for the friendly folks of Writtle St.

Our neighbours on either side as well as the 2 families across the road have signed us up to spend another weekend in Busselton, diving, skiing and probably drinking copious amounts of alcohol. (As much as I love a glass or two of red I am in a different league to these guys who regularly indulge until the wee hours.)

The weather is looking pretty dodgy, but I imagine it will be a goer either way so we may discover the waterproof (or other) qualities of our camper-trailer.

We have been blessed with some brilliant neighbours who are some of the most hospitable and engaging people I have ever met.

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3 thoughts on “Camping Again

  1. These are the BEST of times!!!

    Even in the mornings when my head tells me these are the worst of times!!!

    And my wife refuses to communicate with me!!!

    All the guys we camp with at Bremmer a few years ago all met up in Albany in June, there were about 40 of us, we started as a group of 2 families. I just wander around the Caravan Park with a 6 pack and pull up a log wherever and it’s kinda grown from there.

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