Camping ‘Essentials’

Its funny what you discover to be amazingly valuable and what you discover to be of lesser value. After 10 weeks we have a pretty good idea of what is important now. If you’re interested read on…

So here’s my list:

The coffee gear – so soooo glad we didn’t leave this stuff at home. To have a good coffee regularly is a life saver.

Iphone – this has been great for internet access, email, researching places we are going to, finding our way to those places and for having fun in the car. The apps that get the most use are facebook,, newsgator, ipod, maps, around me, Motion X GPS, Bible reader, flashlight,word warp (game), weather and the camera – as crappy as it is!

Inverter – we bought this late into the trip and its only a 200W version but for $36.00 it powers small applicances for quite a while. Its great for giving the kids a movie in the car or for the same late at night in a remote place. It charges stuff and can power the fan on a hot night.

Single burner stove & gas bottle – the camper comes with a stove, but early in the trip we realised we didn’t want to cook meat and other fatty stuff inside so we simply got a 5kg gas bottle and a small single burner from K Mart for $22.00 that sits on top. We have used this almost every day.

Fm Transmitter/Charger – for the iPhone. This plays music in the car and charges the phone at the same time. For $60.00 it has been a good buy.

Decent Camping Chairs – we left home with a couple of very comfortable but aging chairs. These died about 3 weeks into the trip so while we were in Katherine we both decided to buy whatever chair we liked. It cost a few bucks but a comfortable chair is like a comfortable bed – you gotta have it!

Stuff we thought we would use a bit but haven’t:

The TV – not just cause reception is hard to get but we simply don’t watch it much.

That’s about it – everything else gets a pretty good work out…

2 thoughts on “Camping ‘Essentials’

  1. ahh perspective…. interestingly i have had no tolerance for tv since we came back from our trip 6 months ago and may it continue!

  2. A comfortable chair makes a big difference doesn’t it, you can relax and be confortable. Inverters are a great idea, great for charging mobile phones, laptops etc while driving.

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