Camping Essentials

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Well the decision to travel with an Espresso Machine and Coffee Grinder instead of a chemical toilet has been a most excellent one.

A month before we left I scored a Breville Aroma from a local garage sale for $40.00. Usual story – used once and it ‘didn’t work’… (Loose translation = I have no idea how to make coffee) and it has delivered surprisingly good coffee – although that may be as much about the beans and the barista…

For those considering buying one it is a good little machine for the money. Having used a Sunbeam EM6910 for a good 18 months now I’d have to say it certainly isn’t in the same league, but it can still churn out a decent flat white.

Its limitations:

• Only one pump so it can’t deliver coffee and texture milk at the same time – no biggie really

• No auto settings – for people like Danelle… If you hit ‘pour’ it will pump water thru the portafilter until there is no water left in the tank.

• Lacks a hot water stream so you need to boil the kettle if someone is a black drinker


• The steam wand does a good job of frothing milk

• We find that although the double portafilter looks small we get two ‘cup’ sized coffees out of it with no problem.

• It is small and therefore more portable than the Sunbeam.

All in all if you are doing some powered site camping and you are a coffee lover then it’s a decent option. We were going to revert to the stove top, but its just not the same.

One strange problem I have encountered is that on two occasions it has been unable to pump water thru the filter. I wasn’t sure whether the portafilter was blocked or the coffee ground too fine. Ironically both times when I had offered to make someone a coffee… After 3 or 4 attempts it righted itself, but I am yet to detect the problem.

The beans I roasted before leaving have almost come to an end now and as you can guess they are getting a tad stale. Still quite drinkable and most people wouldn’t notice, but we are on the decline in terms of quality so I have had Ryan ship me up 4kg of my green beans from home and this Sunday for my birthday the kids are getting me a popcorn popper so we can always have a fresh brew wherever we go.

I know it’s a tad obsessive, but some things in life just aren’t worth doing badly…

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6 thoughts on “Camping Essentials

  1. Hey Andrew

    it isn’t not obsessive mate, a good coffee is sometimes the difference between a good and bad day.

    Have you tried the revolution beans from Black Star absolutely lovely. Take care mate

  2. Yes Andrew….good post. Having just bought a 6910…and extremely happy with it…I still believe the best investment was the grinder…it really made the biggest difference.

  3. Woe to you bean-betraying apostate! Repent back to you former grinds – your steam wand is found lacking and your mighty two-cup portafilla is malnourished under my the sunbeam. I give you 7-days to fast from your addictive feasts and should you not repent i shall pour on you eternal fountains of death….International Roast.


  4. Trav – you’re inviting trouble!!

    Happy Birthday Hamo – hope you have a great one!

    Hey, I was wondering… where does the average family-travelling-around-the-country drop in to vote on elections?

    Apparently, DLS was a bad idea…

    … who knew?

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