Capital Improvements

Before we left the toss up was between a porta potti or the coffee gear.

The coffee gear won – no regrets… It has been great to have good coffee, but of course good coffee makes you want to wee…

As the colder weather sets in the toilet seems further and further away especially for the girls who can’t just find a secluded spot quite so easily as Sam and I. I was out walking on Friday night when I saw an ad for chemical toilet on one of the local Mission Beach notice boards.

It was brand new – never used – purchased for $180 and selling for $80.00. I consulted the females and they voted in favour, so after a little bit of haggling we got it for $60.00 and everyone is now a very

happy camper.

I was a little wary of having a toilet inside the camper especially seeing as it is right next to my bed, but it has been odourless so far (and there are far worse smells to contend with in our camper anyway!)

So now the night-time wee no longer involves walking out into the cold – in fact I could almost get it in without leaving the bed…


Danelle trying to figure out how to make it work…

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