Car For Sale?

Last night my facebook status read ‘Andrew is not happy’. I think I have the gift of understatement…

I took my car down town yesterday to an air con specialist who pretty much guaranteed me he would sort out the problem. While the air is ‘cool-ish’ at the vent – 8 degrees – it needs to be around 4 degrees otherwise on a hot day it is pretty hopeless.

I had been back and forth to auto elecs 7 times… This was my 8th visit to get this thing fixed and obviously I am ‘not happy’ because it is still not fixed. He ‘ran out of time’ yesterday and I need to return next Thursday to try an aftermarket thermostat as a way of reducing the temp. I found it hard not to let him know how angry I was yesterday.

If that doesn’t work… I imagine I will probably sell it. Pretty drastic I know, but there is no point travelling around Oz in a car with a dodgy air con.

Who would have thought that 7 weeks would not be enough time to sort a problem out?…

If it isn’t fixed on Thursday I imagine I will be trading it in and buying another car 3 days before we are due to leave. It has created more stress than we need, not to mention the time wasted actually going to and fro to get it fixed.

I now understand car air con systems inside and out. It is one of those puzzling situations where nothing makes sense, but I sure hope it does next week.

What’s also hard is that this guy was on the receiving end of my frustration from 2 months of failed attempts and wasted money. I didn’t lose it at him but he must have wondered why I was so uptight.

My original post about this was entitled ‘doggedness

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  1. I had a recent model BMW a bit like that a while ago. It spent 9 days straight at AutoClassic at Burswood & they still never really fixed it. Bye Bye BMW…problem solved. Its not just the money, its the time mucking around trying to get it fixed. Just stick with a Falcon I reckon…

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