Fair enough?

We have just finished building an investment home and are about to sell it.

I have spent some time over the last few days shovelling dirt around the place to get the levels right for brick paving, so I know where every pile of dirt is on that block now! The guy in the house next door dumped a pile of his dirt on our block before any building started and the mound still sits there. Its not huge, but its probably half a trailer load and I asked him to shift it quite a while back.

I am pondering how it would be to shovel the whole load onto his brand new liquid limestone driveway… I’d love to do it…

The funny thing is, I reckon he’d complain!

It seems its ok to dump crap on vacant blocks but not on finished ones…

I’m still debating whether I will test the theory…

Cop That

Its about time someone drew a line in the sand!

Freo have taken the big step of dropping Antoni Grover, Steven Dodd, Brett Peake, Paul Hasleby, Des Headland and Dean Solomon for missing training or being out on the turps. It is in effect sacrificing any slim opportunity of making the finals because their chances of winnning this weekend are now virtually non existent.

Maybe if someone shows they mean business then these guys will pull their finger out and perform as they could.

Maybe…lawman dvdrip