Celestine Insights II

Earlier i mentioned that we have some real points of connection with the insights from the Celestine Prophecy.

On Friday I finished the book and here are some of my conclusions as we look at the final 4 insights.

#6.) Childhood traumas block our ability to fully experience the mystical. All humans, because of their upbringing, tend toward one of four “control dramas”: Intimidators steal energy from others by threat. Interrogators steal it by judging and questioning. Aloof people attract attention (and energy) to themselves by playing coy. And Poor me’s make us feel guilty and responsible for them. Become aware of the family dynamics that created your control drama and you can focus on your essential question, which is how to make of your life a higher- level synthesis of your parents’ lives.

I don’t think there would be any argument that we carry baggage from parental relationships / family backgrounds and that we can become more whole if recognise the forces and behaviours that control us.
Nothing theological here – just common sense.

#7.) Once cleared of traumas, you can build energy through contemplation and meditation, focus on your basic life question, and start riding a steady stream of intuitions, dreams, and synchronistic coincidences, all guiding you in the direction of your own evolution and transformation.

Perhaps this might be what I would describe as finding your sense of calling and becoming who you were created to be. I’m not sure I’d be waiting until I was ‘cleared of traumas’ though!

#8.) That evolution can’t be done alone, so begin to practice the new “Interpersonal Ethic” by uplifting those who cross your path. Talk to people who make spontaneous eye contact with you. Avoid codependent relationships. Be there for people. Call attention to other people’s control dramas. In groups, speak when the spirit (instead of the ego) moves you.

Could we see this as being ‘led by the spirit’ and demonstrating the fruit of the spirit to those we meet? It seems to be advocating loving relationships that contribute to wholeness and healing.

#9.) Our purpose here is to evolve beyond this plane. Fewer people (a result of reproductive abstinence) and more old-growth forests will help us to sustain our energy and accelerate our evolution. Technology will do most of our work for us. As we begin to value spiritual insight more and more, we will pay those who deliver it for their services…

The kingdom of God”

True! I think what is being advocated in this section has parallels with what we would see as the rule and reign of God over this world.

And that final sentence… paying for spiritual direction… will we have a user pays church?

I’m not sure I’d like to see that…

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