Changing Community Rhythms

We are still on the journey of figuring out a rhythm that works for us as a team when it comes to meeting and spending time together.

Recently we agreed to continue with weekly meetings – but move them to Monday nights and start at 7.00pm so we could engage with the kids to some degree. We had been on Tuesdays and had no specific way of including our kids.

We also agreed to have a number of smaller groups of 3 or 4 meeting during the week for spiritual formation/encouragement/nurture etc. These are same gender groups and have just got under way.

It feels like a healthy rhythm… but only time will tell.

Over the next 5 weeks we will be exploring the sermon on the mount and each small group will be responsible for taking the night. They will need to engage the kids in some way, lead us in worship & prayer, help us connect with one another and learn from the scriptures and encourage or inspire us in mission.

I think ‘experimentation’ is a huge part of our journey and if we accept that, then we can enjoy it!

Over the last three weeks Kim Hammond and Herdo have led us thru some very valuable team building and affirmation experiences and it feels like we are in a healthy place as a team

Perhaps you ask ‘how is any of this different to normal church?’

The answer is in many ways its not – and nor should it be. We all need to worship, learn, connect etc. But… I am hopeful that where we may differ is that we are grappling with the reality of the missional setting we are in and that our gatherings are a reflection of this.

By that I mean, rather than saying ‘this is what we do – take it or leave it’. We are seeking to develop communal practices that will be true to scripture and yet resonate with the people who we hope will one day join us. And we will figure it all out on the run and change it as we go.

Ironically its pretty much the same thing Bill Hybels did so many years ago in Chicago…

I doubt as many people will copy us though!

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