Sometimes this feels like a good word to describe my life.

After 3 days of total relaxation from Friday evening to Monday morning, Tuesday was a complete change of pace with 6 different meetings starting at 8.30 am and finishing at 10.00pm when I went home and crashed.

I know I can’t handle that many face to face meetings in one day, but sometimes, when you only have 3 weekdays to work with, you just gotta do it.

They were all good meetings – people I really enjoy being with – but come the end of the day the introversion meter was maxing out and calling for space. By the time of our team meeting last night I was actually finding it hard to function because I was so tired.

Today I changed gears and went fishing with Mark from 8.30-2.00 – a massive slowdown – then tomorrow and Friday its off to school again – go go go, before Saturday when I look after the kids for the whole day while Danelle runs a scrapbooking class.

Is it just me or does that sound chaotic? Would having no regular rhythm disturb you?

I think this is life for me at present, so I simply need to get over it and get on with it. There are days when I like the random nature of things, but there are also days when I would value a little more predictability.

Learning… learning… learning… 🙂barbie and the magic of pegasus 3 d online

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