I have discovered that I need to get some business cards and was exploring some online options, one being these guys.

I couldn’t see on their website if they post to Australia, so I thought I’d call. The conversation went like this:

Dan: ‘Hi my name is Dan. What is your first and last name?’

Hamo: Odd way to begin but anyway… ‘Andrew Hamilton’

Dan: ‘How can I provide you with excellent service today?’ (What the?!)

Hamo: ‘Mate, I was just wondering if you post to Australia?’

Dan: ‘Yes we do – anywhere that UPS posts, we go’

Hamo: ‘Cool – that’s all – thanks mate’

Dan: ‘Can I help you with anything else?’ (I thought I just answered that)

Hamo: ‘Nope – all good.’

Dan: ‘Have I provided you with excellent service today?’


How do you measure the quality of service that requires a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer?!!

Hamo: ‘Sensational mate!’

I think Dan might have realised I was taking the piss but it wouldn’t be ‘excellent service’ to say so…

8 thoughts on “Cheeeeese

  1. Can Rooprint get me 3 lots of 100 cards at $9.95 a set (ForgeWA, Forge Oz, upstream)????

    I haven’t forgotten you mate!

    Just didn’t figure this would be in your ballpark

  2. nah your right hamo, but hey, couldn’t miss an opportunity to get a plug in. Of course if you want quality cards in quantities of 500 and up, then you know I am the man to see… :p

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