Church Marketing Sucks

This is the name of a blog that deals in the whole area of church advertising / images etc. As much as we are not out to do much in the way of promo / advertising, I do still believe its important to have something to put on a letterhead.

As you would know I have been playing around with some logos that we may use with Upstream Communities and John suggested these guys do a peer review on the stuff we have developed.

So they did…

Check it out here

I am thinking we are down to two options:


The first is a little more obvious but I reckon its ok while the second looks classier to me, but is also a bit more ‘corporate’ in appearance.

Right now I’m not sure!

1 thought on “Church Marketing Sucks

  1. I like the first logo – with the 2 fishes. As its more approachable. And won’t “date” as much.

    I think it is also working graphically on all different levels. Its well balanced, nice use of font and colors.

    My choice bro is the fishes!

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