Churching No Longer…

I was at the swimming pool on Friday with Ellie and Sam and I bumped into someone I hadn’t seen since I was 20 and doing volunteer youthwork for YFC. We were on a team together.

She asked me if I was still going to church…

Notice the question?

Not which church was I part of, but was I still part of a church. I have often thought this is a more legitimate question for 20-40 year olds than mine. It shouldn’t be that way of course, but the exodus from our churches by that demographic is really disturbing.

I was at a champagne breakfast today for one of our team and while there I met several people who were part of our youth ministry at Lesmurdie who now don’t associate with any church, and aren’t all that concerned. I’m not sure who’s ‘fault’ this situation is, but we certainly can’t look away from it.

Will they go back?

Maybe, when their kids need some decent grounding etc, but somewhere in there we have missed something in the discipleship process.

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