Climbing at Anaconda

The Joondalup Anaconda store has a climbing wall and Ellie and me went there today. We hadn’t had a ‘daddy & Ellie’ day for a little while so it was nice to do it again.

Here’s a pic of Ell – who loves to climb – making it to the top.

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2 thoughts on “Climbing at Anaconda

  1. Hi Andrew,

    was just praying and you guys popped into my mind so I prayed for you all and you backyard ministry – then thought – hey nowadays we have google! Was looking at school newsletter that popped up (it’s on the web now) and who do I see? you celebrating 20th reunion!!

    Then i enter your blog and see Anaconda – my two share Ellie’s passion to reach the top – Paul made me do it once as a family activity – but his shots of my rear end on the decent have prevented it ever since 😉

    When are you off to America? We are there in California on April to see friends.

    Hope life is well – Quinns Baptist is a great opportunity to be missionaries in your own backyard too – children and dogs! best way to start a conversation/community.

    Love to Danelle and God Bless – can’t believe how big the children are – does that mean we are shrinking?!

    Take care


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