Coffee in Melbourne?

This is a note to any Melbournites who may read this.

I am flying to Tasmania on Thurs for the Tassie Forge Intensive and have some time to kill in Melbourne. I was trying to tee up a few meetings but for various reasons they haven’t happened and I now have way more time than I need. Seven hours at Melbourne airport doesn’t excite me!

I get in at 2.40pm and fly out to Tas again at 9.15pm. In between I’m thinking of heading down town somewhere to have a coffee so if anyone is up for a coffee in the afternoon/early evening and its easy to make happen then drop me an email.

Only rule = no dodgy coffee 🙂

3 thoughts on “Coffee in Melbourne?

  1. Hey Hamo,

    There is no chance I will be there- but I would love to have a coffee with you. As I was thinking about it I thought you might be after something urban to do. So here are a few places that are all able to be got on the trams and quite incredible (only one is a coffee shop). You should be able to google them all.

    Pellegrini’s Espresso Bar – 66 Bourke St.

    Great coffee, surly italian barristers, and amazing home made cakes. All that you need for a perfect coffee.

    The Croft Institute – One of Melbourne’s many celebrated alleyway bars. This one is off china town at the end of Croft Alley. You have to walk past heaps of graffitti (some amazing), turn left, turn right, walk past heaps of rubbish bins. All the way to the end of the alleyway – and then you will find a door on the right. Not a coffee shop, but one of those amazing urban experiences where I left going wow that was really really strange.

    Bimbo Deluxe – 376 Brunswick St, Fitzroy.

    A fun uni student haunt in funky fitzroy. If you get past the name you will find many rooms, awesome couches, and amazing pizzas.

    Anyway I am sure that you have your own places to go, but hopefully if you are bored this gives you some options.

    Oh and also Ray cafe in Brunswick (

    Cheers mate, have one for me.


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