Cold Process – wow.

Take fresh beans, grind them coarse (for plunger) add coffee to plunger and a dash of cold water. Stir in into a paste then fill with cold water. Stir, then leave it sit for 12 hours.

Filter the cold coffee – the smell while you do this will drive you nuts – coffee caramet smell (if you used freash coffee)

The liquor that this gives you can be kept for up to 5 days and I just made an iced coffee with it – really really smooth.

You can buy cold process gear but the plunger worked fine.

A worthy experiment and one worth doing when you know an iced coffee will be nice the next day.

You can also use this in hot coffee – mix with milk and heat – will try that tomorrow.

I think tomorrow being sunday I may actually get back to a bit more story about my journey. It is also my son’s birthday party so that takes precedence and it is coffee bean poll day on coffee snobs so I’ll be ordering a new batch of green beans.

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