Coming and going

This week I am off again, this time to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland for 6 days at the SU national conference.

In trying to be away as little time as possible I will be flying out on Tuesday at 5.50am (which means leaving home at 4.15am!) and then getting in on Sunday night at 10.50pm – effectively 1.50 EST. By the time I get home it will be more like 3.00am. Ech…

What is the conference about?

I’m not sure actually! I have been invited to go – well more ‘required’ as a staff member, but I’m not sure of the bigger purpose. I’m guessing its stuff to do with mission in Australia.

We get to stay at a campsite and sleep in 6 person dorms. Ok… this story isn’t getting better is it?…

I’m sure it’ll be time well spent. I’m just feeling a little toey about time away at the ratatouille free

watch grind in divx

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