Community Rhythms

This blog was started originally as a way for people to keep in touch with what we are doing here in Brighton. It assumed people would be interested and may actually take the time to read. I’m not sure too many of the ‘intended audience’ have but there you go…

Over the last two years it has become a place for me to think out loud and occasionally have a rant about stuff that I get passionate about. In the absence of a weekly preach I have a daily blog!

Anyway this post is getting back to the real reason for this blog – to tell some of our story online. Obviously you don’t know all of what has happened with us because some stuff is private and doesn’t belong in the public domain. I am also very wary of making us sound either ‘doing better’ than we really are or struggling more than we really are. We are doing good – enjoying some stuff and working thru other stuff – sound normal?

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Anyway here is an update on where we are at:

After a year of meeting primarily as a closed mission team and seeking to connect in the local community we are feeling the need to develop some open gatherings where our neighbours and friends can experience Christian community with us. (See here for more the plan we are working off)

We have decided to meet fortnightly on a Sunday AM for a brunchy type of gathering that will include some activity for kids, some worship (don’t read that simply as singing), some learning and some prayer. Maybe not all elements will be present each week, but we are conscious of the need to move from simply good relationships, barbecues and parties to the development of Christian community.

Some will think we have ‘sold out’ by meeting on a Sunday AM – that we have just defaulted to the norm. Quite frankly I couldn’t give a toss. Sunday happens to be the day when most of the people we know will be most available, which is kinda the point… It isn’t a ‘default ‘as much as conscious choice to do what is most sensible and effective having understood our mission.

We will keep our team meetings on Monday nights on the alternate fortnight and these will remain as closed meetings.

There are now four families in our core team as Andrew & Bec Logan are moving back closer to the city. That’s a bummer on many levels, not the least of which that we have been friends for over 8 years now, but the decision seems like a right one for them. We will miss them heaps.

Connections in the community continue to grow and we are loving being here. How good is it to love what you are called to do?!

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