My work life is complicated!

I work as the WA Director of Forge, but because we are not an incorporated body we have had to form an alliance with another group who can cover us with their inc status. That group is Scripture union. Officially I am an employee of SU as they are my registered employer and will give me a group certifcate etc. This has been a really good partnership and hopefully we’ll be able to see greater synergy develop between our two organisations.

When it come to church I don’t know who employs me! I work as the leader of the Brighton team and the Baptist Union give me $8K a year to church plant, but because they don’t want to be my ’employer’ with all associated liabilities they have funneled (laundered?!) the money thru Lesmurdie baptist, my previous church who use it to pay my mortgage. Do they then employ me (legally)?… I really don’t know!

As for school… well its all pretty simple. Roll up. Work. Get paid by them.

Not easy!

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