Conference Overload?

Last week I went to the 2Inspire conference down at Lake Joondalup Baptist Church. It was officially run as a combined denominational initiative (Baptist / Church of Christ) although in reality Whitford Church did the bulk of the work and probably own it more than anyone.

At the new Church of Christ blog Barry Austin (CEO of COCWA) has asked the question of those who weren’t present, ‘why did you stay away?’

Go and offer your opinon if you are a WA Baptist or CoCer.

By my guess there were 250 people there on Friday which looked like a pretty good result to me. But maybe there were many who also didn’t attend. I would have been happy with those numbers!

My own sense of things is that we are in conference overload and many of them are of the same ilk. We have just had Hillsong, Willow Creek are coming, then Transform, followed by Rise and somewhere in there we have the Baptist/CofC pastors conference. Whew… You could spend your life jus attending conferences!

My tip?

Come to Forge 🙂

But then you knew I’d say that didn’t you!

Seriously, we are in marketing overload and getting people to come to your gig is getting tougher and tougher. Maybe we need a 2 year ban on conferencing so we can all just get on with life and ministry?

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