Conspired against

I got up today and decided that as the coming week and half looks really busy I’d take the day off and head out on the water.

I haven’t taken my boat our for a month, partly due to lousy weather and partly to work comittments. Its hard to get free time, good weather and available friends to all line up at once.

Today I had free time – the weather looked great – but I was going to have to go it alone. A little bit of a worry as my back is still sore and dodgy.

I left home at 8.00, picked up the boat only to discover birds had crapped all over it and it was full of leaves… bummer… oh well, I can get by. I got to the boat ramp only to feel the dreaded waft of the seabreeze. Now… what to do?

I decided that by the time I’d get out there chances are it’d be blowing a gale. So I drove off and sat by the beach for an hour only to notice that the breeze hadn’t come in… I went off to get a birthday present for my father in law from a nearby shop and then at 11.30 headed home aling the coast only to see that the breeze was still barely noticeable…

One thing I have learnt from boating: on the day you choose to go out the breeze will come in and blow like crazy. On the day you choose to stay in, the breeze will hang around and make you look like a dill.

Now its 10 days before I even get a look in again!

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