Today I spent the day teaching my students at the Christian school I am employed by – where only kids with at least one Christian parent can attend. What of non-Christians?…

Well they can go to… the school down the street of course! (You weren’t thinking ‘hell’ were you?!)

From there I made my way home on the school bus and stopped in at the local tavern – a blue singlets and work boots kind of place. I was picking up a bottle of wine one day and noticed that it gets busy on a Friday arvo, so I thought I’d drop in and see if I could make some connections.

I went last week and had some very interesting conversations about God, faith and the meaning of life. Today I got into some more great conversations with the local tradesmen – blokes who are the salt of the earth, but just talk a slightly different language to some of us.

It is a real cross cultural experience for me to enter this world – I wasn’t brought up to venture into pubs – especially ‘rough’ pubs, but I’m enjoying the challenge of connecting with very earthy people in their environment – again folks who are never likely to roll into a church service – but who need a listening ear just like everyone license to wed in divx

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