Conversing with Carson

September 6th should be an interesting day…

Don Carson, author of the now infamous Becoming Conversant with The Emerging Church will be in town and will be speaking in various places.

One of those gigs will be a conversation with myself and my friend/forge co-worker Geoff Westlake about the emerging church. The Baptist College will be hosting Carson as he addresses the topic of ‘the emerging church’ and Geoff and I will be there to provide some insights that might otherwise go astray.

I began reading his book again the other day, but didn’t find it super interesting. I will need to get up to speed on it by September, but so far it just isn’t grabbing me.

As I read the first half it actually seemed fairer than I had imagined, but maybe I haven’t come to the sticking points yet.

I imagine this will be an important conversation for us here in Perth. The conservative arm of the church listen carefully to Carson and co so I imagine without a right of reply we could come up looking a bit shonky.

Brian Harris the college principal has arranged for us to have breakfast with Don Carson before the meeting so that we can enter the room as ‘people’ rather than combatants, a posture I’m sure we would all rather destination 3 divx movie online

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