Following on from my last two blog posts a friend messaged me to say that my post on the absent father followed by one on beautiful generosity seemed contradictory. God has shown up plenty in my life and in many ways we have been super-blessed. So yeah – fair call – I have probably been sitting in the blessing space much more than I gave credit for in that post.

What fuelled the ‘disappointment’ was my inability to see healing come to parts of my body that are currently reliant on drugs for pain relief. I was in the middle of reading a book that is essentially a list of dramatic, miraculous healings – and yet my experience seems to fall outside of that arc. So my focus there was on how God shows up miraculously to help.

In my experience not so much, hence my faith and expectation for this stuff is somewhat limited. But it would be incorrect to say that we have sat on the suffering side of the equation for most of our lives. We have had our periods of suffering and our moments, but by and large we have lived a very fortunate and blessed life.

So if you read that post and wondered what the heck I was dribbling about then there’s some context. 🙂 And thanks for the feedback and heads up

2 thoughts on “Correction

  1. Life seems to be contradictory. And both realities could be real. I appreciated the rawness of the absent father post. I was thankful for the honesty and the courage that you displayed writing and posting it. I know too well how many posts I have written and not posted, because I wondered what opinions people may have. So many people, so many opinions. Thank you, Andrew, for sharing your journey through this with us. Felt a little like David also asking God where He is, and a few Psalms later singing his praises.

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