Creak Gone

It tool me several hours of detecting, but I traced the creak in the back of my car to the way the LPG tank had been installed. Basically after removing everything else this was all that was left!

So with 2 washers per bolt now padding things out the tank no longer rubs on the base of the car and the noise has gone…

Can’t tell you how pleased I am…

It funny how small things can really give you the irrits!

2 thoughts on “Creak Gone

  1. Reminds me when I had a car accident years ago and the so called good panel beaters/mechanics who fixed it did a small swifty on me…When we got the car back, we could not figure out what the knocking noise was coming from the engine bay and got very worried…Took it to a good mechanic lol and he was stumped too we just couldnt find it until one day the mechanic and I took this car for a drive and near on thrashed it to find the problem…found it…the not so honest panel beaters/mechanic who “fixed” the car had swapped my battery for a smaller not suited for my car and hence forth it was banging around in the battery housing causing the knocking noice…We crakced up laughing and the mechanic was so funny!! That gave us the irrates so I can understand yours aswell!!

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