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As one who is somewhat disenchanted with my teaching work at present, I hover between just putting up with it and actively pursuing something I would enjoy more.

Sometimes I feel like I need to do it so I can empathise with everyone else who hates their jobs… but that just isn’t a good enough reason! I know what it feels like now. Perhaps I need to go get a job I enjoy. I really believe we have a significant amount of control over what we do, if we choose to exercise it. I have always said to people ‘if you don’t like what you are doing then QUIT and find something you do like – (or maybe the order should be find something you do like then

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Alternatively we can choose to put up with the frustration of spending our lives doing something we do not enjoy.

Tomorrow I am going to tee up a meeting here in the local community to try and see if I can ‘create’ a job for myself here in Brighton. I can’t say any more than that!

Its a long shot, but if it comes off it’ll be a really suitable role for me.

It might go nowhere… but I always believe you never know if you never ask…

Here’s hoping!

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