Creating Special Places

I have always had a great love for Ocean Beach in Denmark. To be honest it’s not the worlds greatest surf break and while it is a beautiful place, it’s no more special than many beaches out there. But it was a place where I had great fun as a kid and hence it has left an imprint on me as a favourite.

Even now as an adult I still venture down there each time we are in Denmark in the hope that it will be breaking like it was in the late 70s. Truth is it was probably very ordinary, but I had such great fun there that it lives larger than that in my memory. In my ‘memory’ I was a brilliant surfer on sensational waves, when in reality I was a scared kid hanging on the inside who happened to score some decent rides when all the real surfers were waiting for proper waves!

I imagine Cable Beach will be our kids ‘Ocean Beach’ as we have had some great times here in the last two years and I imagine we will do it again a few more times before they are teenagers.

On this visit Sam got into bodyboarding. Now that statement needs some qualifying… We hired a body board each day and he took it 10m into the water and caught the whitewater to shore. I tried to nudge him further out but he wasn’t having any of it. In his mind – and in his words – he is now a bodyboarder… I’d like to see him venture out a little before getting too self congratulatory but at the same time it’s nice to see his confidence grow. Maybe next year will be his year for catching some unbroken waves…

There isn’t a heap else about Broome that we really get into other than Cable beach, but I’d say it will have left a mark on our kids and every time they think of it, they will have fond memories.

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