Daylight Saving

Today was the second day of daylight saving for Perth and the first ‘work day’. I was actually surprised at how difficult it was to get out bed even though I am normally an early riser.

I am swinging voter on this one.

As a bloke who does physical work I like that I get to do more work in the cool of the day and knock off as it gets hot – today I started at 8 and finished at 3. Our street gatherings have also become more regular recently – daily almost – and daylight saving allows for more time sitting, talking and having a few drinks. We’re enjoying that side of things.

Of course dinner time seems stupidly early and kids bedtimes feel like mid afternoon, so that is the downside. I also remember how hot it feels at 6 oclock in the evening and how dark it is first thing in the morning at the tail end…

Right now I’m a ‘NO’ vote, but I’m not gonna lose sleep over it…

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