Decisions Decisions…

Almost 3 weeks to go until the school year ends for me.

On Tuesday ‘The Australian ‘ actually did a write up on the school I am teaching at as one of the best in Australia…

I think we were all a bit astounded!

Next year i need to replace $22000.00 that I will no longer have – or live without it. We have several irons in the fire at the moment. We are:

– seeking personal support like overseas missionaries do from our team and people who know us and churches we are connected with. I

– have one Bible College course to teach (Biblical Ethics and Values)

– I’ll still do some preaching. My goal was to average once a month this year and it will turn out to be just over that.

– there are two other ‘job opportunities’ out there, but I’m still a little dubious about taking on another day or two of work. It does limit my availability round here if I have a commitment to another employer. It also stretches my brain and emotional energy around 3 differerent roles.

As I was driving home today I was pondering all this aware that while God is in control I still need to ‘push some doors’ to see if they are where he is leading.

Hopefully we will have some idea of how it is all coming together by the end of December, when the school’s money runs out.

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